Eazy Seal

Eazy seal is a two-component room temperature setting easy to use multi-purpose epoxy putty.
Eazy seal is useful in sealing, gripping, joining and insulating variety of surfaces like ferrous, granite, asbestos, glass, wood, leather, etc.
Eazy seal on curing exhibits tough and long-lasting bond and sets into a hard mass that can be drilled, and then painted. It has very good electrical insulating properties and the cured product is resistant to moisture and heat.


For sealing blowholes, cracks and leakages, in ferrous and non-ferrous casting, pumps and mould boxes etc. It gives smooth finish to joints and corners and sealing holes/cracks in wooden and metal patterns. Sealing of leakage/cracks in metal fabrications, industrial vessels, and Sealing water supply mains, storage tanks, concrete sewer pipes, heat exchanger coil etc.