URECAST FR-M1 is a PU based potting compound specially a pigmented filled, solvent free, RoHS compliant compound. When mixed with liquid Poly isocyanates, undergo chemical reaction and cure to yield thermoset. Urecast FR-M1 has distinct advantages over Epoxy Resins.

The cured compound has

  • RoHS compliance
  • UL 94 V0 (File no E 255884 dt 13/5/2014)
  • Good Mechanical and Electrical Properties
  • Reduced shrinkage and exotherm
  • Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • Higher degree of Elasticity, most resilient material
  • Thermal class F (155°C)
  • Shrinkage < 0.1 %


Urecast FR-M1 is used for Potting of Electronics & Electrical components. Encapsulation for Electrical & Electronics components with Higher Thermal Conductivity. A stable product for thermal cycling potting applications.