EPI - Bond

Epoxy Adhesive EPI-BOND is two-part system consisting of Epi-Bond A (Resin Part) and Epi-Bond B (Hardner Part). EPI-BOND is a versatile two component adhesive system for high bond strength applications.


The system is characterized by

  • Excellent adhesion to all materials.
  • Cured mass tough and elastic with high resistance to impact stress.
  • High adhesive, tensile and shear strength.
  • Thixotropic flow characteristics, useful for vertical surface.
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties.
  • Temperature index 100 – 1200C


The system is characterized by

  • Bonding of Magnetic, Ferrites
  • Fixing of break liners
  • Joining wooden and metal patterns
  • Wood to wood bonding
  • Metal to metal bonding
  • Marble and Granite fixing
  • Wood to marble bonding
  • Wood to glass bonding
  • Steel railing fixing
  • Glass Bonding
  • Suitable for food grade application